AHSTU application information for international students(2022)

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Anhui Science and Technology University

Application Information for International Students

1. University Overview

Founded in 1950, Anhui Science and Technology University (AHSTU) is a provincial university with a long history and profound cultural heritage. AHSTU started undergraduate education in 1965, and now it is multidisciplinary university with coordinated developed disciplines. There are 17,226 full-time undergraduates and postgraduates, and more than 100,000 outstanding graduates for national and regional economic and social development.

Today’s AHSTU has two campuses—Fengyang campus and the Bengbu Longhu campus, covering an area of approximately 2,000 acres with floor area of 580,000 square meters. The total value of teaching and research equipment is 250 million yuan. There are 5 basic experimental teaching centers and 26 experimental Centers (labs) for professional groups, and 7 discipline platforms. There are 3 national science and technology innovation platforms, 1 national off-campus practical education base for college students, 15 provincial science and technology innovation platforms, and 9 provincial demonstration experimental training centers. The university library has a collection of 1.37 million paper books and 1.28 million e-books.

The university currently has 14 colleges and 50 undergraduate programs. It has formed a professional system of applied disciplines that focuses on our superior agricultural science and emerging engineering science, and multiple disciplines supporting each other and developing coordinately. There are more than 1,200 faculty members, including 394 professors and associate professors, and 863 teachers with doctoral and master's degrees. There are 11 national and provincial excellent teachers, 2 new century outstanding talents of the Ministry of Education, 5 provincial academic and technical leaders and reserve candidates, and 8 experts enjoying special allowances from the State Council and the provincial government. It has off-campus provincial-level leading talent teams such as the micro-nano molecular sensor team. There are 4 provincial-level "115" innovation teams, 17 provincial-level teaching teams, 16 provincial-level teaching celebrities, and 34 provincial-level new teaching stars.

The university vigorously promotes scientific research and technological development. In the past five years, it has undertaken more than 1,600 scientific research projects at various levels, including the National Natural Science Fund and the Social Science Fund, more than 400 of them are at the provincial (ministerial) level or above. 65 academic monographs and more than 1,200 academic papers had been published. The university has won 71 scientific research awards above the city and department level. The university has obtained 1,055 patents, including 255 invention patents, which made it one of the top ten universities for many years in the Anhui Province. It has carried out more than 500 university-enterprise and university-local research cooperation projects with local governments and related enterprises. The university vigorously implements the "International Cooperation in Running Schools Project", and has established exchanges and cooperation relationships with 26 universities in the United States, South Korea, and the United Kingdom. The university currently has 3 national-level Sino-foreign cooperative programs, 255 students went to the United States and South Korea to study in double degree undergraduate programs, and 94 graduates went abroad to study for master degrees.

In the long-term school-running practice, the university has formed a good teaching spirits "dedication and devotion, moral leading and nurturing, meticulous and rigorous scholarship, and pursuing perfection" and learning spirits of "diligence in learning, thinking, hardworking, unity and cooperation". The university got “Excellent” twice in the Ministry of Education's undergraduate teaching evaluation in 2002 and 2008 respectively. In 2013, the university was selected by the Ministry of Education as one of the first batch of the pilot institutions which receive the undergraduate teaching review and evaluation, and AHSTU was highly praised by the evaluation experts. In 2017, the university was approved to be a provincial high-level applied university, and successfully passed the project acceptance of the professional master's degree talent training project serving the national special needs, which made AHSTU be ranked among the "double first-class" universities in Anhui Province.

On a new historical journey, the new generation people of AHSTU adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping’s socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, in-depth study and put the guiding principles of the national and provincial education conferences into practice, and uphold the university’s motto of "Morality, Knowledge, Practice, and Innovation" , carry forward the AHSTU spirit of "hard work, pioneering and innovative, seeking the truth and being pragmatic, and selfless dedication", earnestly implement the goals and tasks set by the university’s the Third Party Congress, adhere to morality, deepen connotation development, and vigorously implement the five strategies of “quality school, strengthening schools with talents, revitalizing schools with characteristics, famous cultural schools, and governing schools according to law” . All of these will comprehensively improve the talent training capabilities of the university, thus high-quality development achieved, and the people of AHSTU will strive to build the university into a modern, first-class applied university in the country as soon as possible.

2. Prospective student

Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens witha bachelor's degree (recognized by the Chinese Ministry of Education).

3.Study period: 3-4 years

4. Admission Programs

(1) School of Animal Science

Master of Veterinary Science specialized in Veterinary Science

(2) School of Agriculture

Master of Agriculture specialized in Agronomy and Seed Industry

5.Basic admission requirements

(1) Qualification requirements:

Applicants for Masters degrees should hold a Bachelor degree or equivalent qualification (or above) to a Bachelors degree from a Chinese university.

(2)Language requirements

For applicants who plan to take English-medium instruction postgraduate programs, the Chinese proficiency is not demanded, but the corresponding English proficiency is required (proof of English proficiency should be provided). AND the students should reach the Level 3 of the International Chinese Language Proficiency Standard (HSK3) upon graduation.

(3) Other requirements

Applicants must be under the age of 28 (born after September 1, 1994), with good health and should abide by Chinese law and the regulations of AHSTU. They should also respect Chinese culture and customs.

6. Financing and Scholarships

The "Principal Scholarship" is available every academic year. The first-class scholarship is 35,000 yuan, the second-class scholarship is 30,000 yuan, and the third-class scholarship is 25,000 yuan. Allstudents admitted are automatically considered for scholarships according to the university scholarship regulation, but there is no living allowance provided.

7. Fees

(1). Tuition fee is 15,000 yuan/year;

(2). Accommodation fee: 5,000 yuan per year for single rooms, 3,000 yuan per year for double rooms (the room is equipped with air-conditioning, shower, toilet, bedding and other electrical appliances and daily necessities, the dormitory is equipped with a kitchen, and the dormitory area has an independent laundry room);

(3). Living expenses: 600-1000 yuan/month;

(4). Other expenses: The total amount of foreign students' residence permit, physical examination, health insurance, book fees, etc. is about 2,000 yuan/year;

8. Application Period

From January to June every year

9.Application Procedures

(1). Submit application materials to Anhui University of Science and Technology via the designated mailbox,including

1) Application form

2) Copy of passport

3) Electronic photo (photo on white background)

4) Scanned copy of the highest degree certificate (original + translation)

5) Scanned copy of the highest academic transcript (original + translation) score requirements, more than 70%

6) Medical certificate

7) Non-criminal certificate (original + translation)

8) 2 letters of recommendation

9) Study plan

10) Personal resume

11) Proof of English IELTS: 5.5-6.0 TOEFL 80, non-native English speakers, documents or videos that prove English proficiency are required

(2) Track application status online

(3) Pay the registration fee 400 yuan and deposit 2000 yuan

(4) Upload payment voucher and bank deposit certificate online

(5) Receive paper admission visa materials (admission notice + JW202 form)

(6) Bring relevant materials to the Chinese embassy or consulate in your country to apply for a study visa in China

(7) Make a pick-up reservation online

(8) Come to the university to register

10. Mailing address for submitting application materials:

International Exchange and Cooperation Center, Anhui Science and Technology University, No. 9 Donghua Road, Fengyang County, Chuzhou City, Anhui Province

Phone: 0550-6733151

Email:gjjlzx@ahstu.edu.cn, wangsh@ahstu.edu.cn

中国安徽凤阳东华路9号(凤阳校区) Add:  No. 9 Donghua Road, Fengyang, Anhui, 233100, China
蚌埠市黄山大道1501号(龙湖校区)  Add:  No. 1501 Huangshan Avenue, Bengbu, Anhui, 233030,China